S&H Group Transforms Historic Manchester Building into Modern Orthodontic Practice 

S&H Group Transforms Historic Manchester Building into Modern Orthodontic Practice 

S&H Group, a leading construction company in Lancashire, UK, has successfully completed a remarkable project in Manchester. They transformed the historic Old Canal Bank on Dale Street into a state-of-the-art, three-surgery orthodontics practice for Your Smile Clinic.

Breathing New Life into a Landmark

This project presented a unique opportunity. S&H Group’s expertise came into play as they meticulously converted the historic building while ensuring it met the modern needs of a dental practice. The result is a stunning balance of architectural heritage with contemporary functionality. 

A Smile-Worthy Design

The new Your Smile Clinic boasts bespoke furniture and a vibrant color scheme, creating a welcoming and modern environment for patients. This thoughtful design, coupled with the efficient layout of the three surgeries, ensures a comfortable and positive experience for everyone. 

On Time and On Target: Ready for Inspection
S&H Group understood the critical timeline for the project. They ensured the conversion was completed on schedule, allowing Your Smile Clinic to undergo and successfully pass a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection, a vital step for opening their doors to patients.

Client Testimonial

I was recommended S&H from my dental equipment supplier; I wanted builders who had experience with dental practices and who could work to a tight deadline. I got a few quotes from various companies, and the quote from S&H was competitive. They also got back to me efficiently and communicated well and had worked with my suppliers before. Communication throughout the project was amazing, I could always speak to someone if I needed throughout the project. The team were really friendly and were respectful of the building, keeping the area tidy and finishing the work to a high standard. They were accommodating to my requests, and when I added changes, Ste gave me updated quotes so that there was no big surprises at the end. We had a tight deadline and they worked hard to meet it, with the decorator staying late and coming at the weekends to finish the job on time. I am happy with work they have carried out and would recommend.

Your Smile Clinic – Manchester

S&H Group: Your Partner for Exceptional Renovations

S&H Group’s successful transformation of the Old Canal Bank for Your Smile Clinic exemplifies their commitment to:
Preserving Historical Character: Respecting the architectural heritage of the building.
Modern Functionality: Creating a space that meets the needs of a contemporary dental practice.
Client Satisfaction: Delivering a project on time and within budget.
Looking to renovate your commercial space? Contact S&H Group today and experience their dedication to exceptional results. 

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